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Get Your Wheels Aligned Perfectly

Vehicle manufacturers always recommend a car alignment which comprises different adjusting tire angles to make sure your vehicle's performance is proper consistently.


Our skilled mechanics can do your front end alignment services precisely. Due to which your vehicle's gas mileage improves, enhances the durability of your tires and rectifies any further handling problems.  

Enjoy the benefits of a proper wheel alignment on your car. Call us now!



Why is Your Vehicle's Alignment Very Important?

The alignment of the wheels is very crucial for your vehicle. It helps in reducing the wear on tires, improves steering and will also maintain the smooth operation of your vehicle. Allow our experienced technicians of Gear Head Automotive & Transmissions to align your wheels correctly.

Take advantage of our extended warranties, fleet prices and free towing services up to 5 miles with major overhaul!

Use Our Reliable Alignment Services:

When you're in need of wheel alignment services in Chandler, AZ area, feel free to reach out to us!

  • Computerized wheel alignment services

  • Set mechanical settings per the factory      specifications

  • Computerized print outs

  • All wheel/thrust auto alignment