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Get Your Engines Cleaned Regularly

Your injectors are recommended to be cleaned for every 25,000 miles you drive! Give your four wheel drive vehicle the attention it deserves.


With regular maintenance, you will not only improve your vehicle's fuel economy but you'll also save your money you spend on gas! Allow us to help you cut down on harmful emissions!

The hourly rates we offer you are affordably priced! To schedule your appointment call us now!



Enhance the Life of Your Engine with Fuel Injection Cleaning

Have your vehicle inspected by our team at Gear Head Automotive & Transmissions, our skilled mechanics will definitely be able to detect the problems which are causing drop in the fuel economy or performance. You can accelerate your car's performance with our assistance. Reach out to us to know more about our transmission warranties.

You can trust on our services since we carry 20 years of experience!

Bad effects of a Dirty Injector:

Monitor your fuel engine's performance with the help of our highly trained technicians! Rely on us for all your fuel system injector needs in Chandler, AZ area.

 •  Poor acceleration

 •  Lower power

 •  Poor fuel economy

 •  Rough idling

 •  Incorrect air/fuel mix

 •  Lead to high carbon monoxide emissions

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